THERE WILL be MOVIES” is an international competition for feature scripts, short scripts, creative documentary treatments. The contest has two sections: International Competition, National Competition.


THERE WILL be MOVIES” focuses on building the production potential of a script in order to get it turned into a movie. Writing for the cinema is a truly specific kind of storytelling. Screenwriting is only the beginning of the process. Getting the consideration of a producer is the goal. Selling your script is the victory.

It’s from that paradigm that “THERE WILL be MOVIES” has been created.


The festival will take place in L’Aquila, Italy, in April 2018.


  • International Competition
    1. Feature script
    2. Creative Documentary Treatment
    3. Short script
  • National Competition (Italian)
    1. Feature script
    2. Creative Documentary Treatment
    3. Short script


  • Feature script 80 pages or more
  • Creative Documentary treatment between 5 and 25 pages
  • Short script maximum 30 pages

Scripts must not have been optioned, sold or produced at the time of entry into the competitions.


The official languages of the contest are English and Italian.

For the international competition we also accept scripts written in French and Spanish.


Screenplays of every genre or creative documentary treatments about any topic are welcome.


Scripts must be the original work of the author(s) and the sole property of the applicant(s). By entering the competition, the applicant(s) are acknowledging to have secured all the legal rights and to not violate other people’s rights.

We strongly suggest registering your screenplay through any legal way. If your script is not registered, we suggest the WGA service.


Each applicant can submit one or more scripts to the competition, without no limit to the number of entries. For each submitted script a fee is due.

We only accept scripts submitted via Filmfreeway

  • Feature script:
    • Pitch (under 3 sentences)
    • Synopsis (3 page maximum)
    • Script (80 pages or more)
  • Creative Documentary:
    • Pitch (under 3 sentences)
    • Synopsis (3 page maximum)
    • Treatment (between 5 and 25 pages)
  •  Short script
    • Pitch (under 3 sentences)
    • Synopsis (1 page maximum)
    • Script (30 page maximum)


Scripts should be formatted according to industry standards. All entries must be uploaded in PDF format.


  1. Early Deadline: 31 August 2017
  2. Standard Deadline: 22 October 2017
  3. Extended Deadline: 23 December 2017
  4. Late Deadline: 28 January 2018
  • Features script
    1. Early Deadline: 30 $
    2. Standard Deadline: 40 $
    3. Extended Deadline: 50 $
    4. Late Deadline: 60 $
  • Short script
    1. Early Deadline: 20 $
    2. Standard Deadline: 25 $
    3. Extended Deadline: 30 $
    4. Late Deadline: 35 $
  • Documentary treatment
    1. Early Deadline: 25 $
    2. Standard Deadline: 30 $
    3. Extended Deadline: 35 $
    4. Late Deadline: 40 $

Once a fee has been processed, we cannot provide a refund.

No missing or extra pages will be accepted once the entry has been received. Revisions are considered as new applications. If you wish to submit a new draft of your screenplay, you must pay a new entry fee.


Preliminary rounds of the contest

All our readers are industry professionals. They will read and evaluate each script submitted. The readers’ decisions are final. Each applicant will receive an email notifying them the competition results.

Semifinal round
The top 20 scripts for each category. Readers will be professional screenwriters, directors, producers.

Final round
The top 10 scripts in each category. The finalists will be announced on February 2018. Readers will be the best professional screenwriters, directors and producers of our network.

Screenwriters who reach the Final round of the competition will be asked to send the latest draft of their scripts.


Cash Prizes: 

TWBM Best Feature Script (1000€
TWBM Best Short Script (500€
TWBM Best Documentary Treatment (500€)


  • International Script Competition
    • Best Short script
    • Best Documentary treatment
    • Best Feature script
  • National Script Competition
    • Best Short script
    • Best Documentary treatment
    • Best Feature script

Decisions of the Jury are final.

Each winner will receive a plaque and the written motivation of the verdict of the jury.

All the finalist scripts in each category will be featured in the “THERE WILL be MOVIES LIST”, which will be sent out to our list of producers.

Our aim is to introduce the winners into the film industry and turn their scripts into movies.


The applicants to the “THERE WILL be MOVIES” competition must agree to the rules.